Our clients

About the partnership with Dumagas

We believe in long-term partnerships and can we can strongly say that we go more than “the extra mile” for our customers.

Each complex project motivates us to find the optimal solutions and the companies that consider us a reliable supplier are the engine of our continuous improvement.

Our clients' benefits

  • We work with contractual KPIs and a Service Level Agreement supported by financial assurances
  • In order to be able to offer high-standard logistics and transport solutions and services we invest in the Dumagas team, having dedicated staff for customer relations (Account Managers) and On Call Dispatchers – we provide 24/7 support
  • Real-time positioning and delivery ETAs are ensured by Transics and GPS, managing the real-time geographic location of the fleet
  • We have multiple layers of insurance, from CMR to General Third Party Liability with coverage of over EUR 5 million per incident, compensating any claim
  • Large companies have scale saving that Dumagas’ customers also benefit from

Our clients' benefits​

  • On average, our team members have 8 years of experience at Dumagas and the management has 16 years of experience providing stability for our Clients
  • Through the Silver ECOVADIS and Green Carrier certifications, Dumagas customers have the comfort of collaborating with a partner that respects the Environment and complies with the highest ESG standards
  • Welcomed with 27 years of experience, Dumagas customers can count on a flawless service built through more than 1,200,000,000 KM travelled without incidents, skill that we put at their disposal with every transport
  • Dumagas is a logistics and transport company offering solutions, not just transport. Depending on the specific needs of customers, we come up with customized solutions that often exceed their expectations
  • +70% of Dumagas’ turnover in the last 5 years resulted from transports with 100% KPIs On Time & Driver’s Behaviour.

How to become a client

We hit the road with a partner once we understand his needs and priorities. Therefore, the first stage is a discussion with a Dumagas representative whose goal is to understand the business requirements and map out an effective partnership plan.

Become a customer

The first step to get in touch with us is to fill out the form below:

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