Activity sectors

FMCG - Fast-moving consumer goods

We provide you with complete solutions for the entire range of FMCG transport in Europe and for Romania we offer integrated logistics and distribution services.

We have implemented and we maintain a food safety and health system, ISO 22000:2005 certified, and the logistics warehouses located in all areas of Romania are cross-docking points for quality distribution.

At the same time, we are taking steps to constantly improve the flow of goods transport and storage.

Perishable goods

It is essential that perishable goods reach their destination in the shortest possible time. With Dumagas, perishable goods arrive on time and fresh, with your orders usually being fulfilled within a few hours or even the same day.

Your goods are stored in spaces with large refrigeration capacities, thus being fast distributed.

We will permanently monitor the temperature and the stocks in the cold storage will be up to date.


We offer professional solutions for the entire automotive supply chain, in accordance with the highest safety and quality standards.

Our network consists of modern and professional logistics centers in Bucharest and Craiova, which are designed for cars and trucks brought from all over Europe.

The advantages of these logistics centers are: 

  • 24/7 high-level security which includes a video surveillance system and 24/7 security guards

  • locations for the connecting route between Europe and Asia

  • upon the request of our customers, we have the possibility to open hubs in new locations


We transport tires for the largest tire manufacturers or suppliers in Europe, our trucks being specially equipped for this type of transport. We also offer storage and distribution spaces throughout Romania.

We have partnerships on a stable basis with major tire manufacturers (Pirelli, Michelin, etc.) and major car and motor vehicle manufacturers.


We provide solutions for the transport of any type of construction materials. The experience gained in over 27 years of activity allows us to transport materials to the highest safety standards, so that the activity of your partners is not made difficult.

Car transport

We provide you with car transporters with a loading capacity of 8-11 vehicles, depending on the transit regulations, with the possibility to manage oversized transports. The Dumagas road transport service includes a set of solutions specifically designed for this sector of activity: full insurance, including theft and vandalism, available intermodal services, ecological transport solutions (including grouping for several dealers to help reduce CO2 emissions), consulting services and 3PL/4PL concepts.

You can deliver to any dealer network, regional distribution centers and ports.


The petrochemical industry represents a very broad and offering field in terms of transport, involving complex and difficult logistics solutions due to the nature of the transported goods and the ever-changing legal regulations regarding the transport of these types of products.

Whether it is the transport of non-ADR chemicals or ADR chemicals, we always find the optimal logistics solution. That is why transports with customers active in this industry have generated long-lasting partnerships. For the transport of ADR chemical products we use special vehicles properly equipped according to the hazard class in which the transported goods fall.


ADR transport involves the transport of dangerous goods which, by their physical and chemical nature, can cause bodily harm, damage the environment or produce other type of damage.

Our ADR system enables both tanking and hauling of customers’ tanks, reducing costs and increasing efficiency. We provide you with a fleet of fully equipped and ADR licensed trucks, on periodic maintenance plans and annual safety plans. The drivers providing these transports are specially trained through ADR Roll Over and Defensive Driving courses and monitored by GPS to ensure proper driving conditions. You will also have a dedicated safety advisor for the road transport of dangerous goods.


Logistics and Transport for high-tech products.

We transport household appliances with special equipment and drivers trained in our own driving school. Thus, we make sure that your goods will be in maximum safety.

Transports are carried out with high safety parameters and the specifics of the goods are considered so as to prevent any kind of damage.


We offer complete solutions for the transport of paper on rolls or pallets to important companies throughout Europe.

At the same time, we have the necessary know-how so that the offered services to take place in conditions of perfect cleanliness and safety, considering the quality that the paper must have until it enters the printing house.


Logistics for the furniture industry means long delivery times and high levels of cash flow for many manufacturers and retailers.

Dumagas enables the acceleration of logistics processes and the strict management of transport costs. We transport furniture for our customers all over the world, whether they are manufacturers, retailers or suppliers.

With the help of our distribution network, we will deliver the goods directly to the final consumers.

The right transport services make the difference

Together we will outline a tailored solution, adapted to your business.

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