Logistics, Warehousing and Distribution

About Dumagas logistics service

Dumagas Logistics is that part of the product supply process that plans, implements and controls the effective flow and storage of products, services and information from the point of origin to the point of consumption.

The logistics service has the role of managing warehouses and stocks, managing the efficiency methods and systems using IT systems to support these processes.

We offer complete warehousing, cross docking and distribution services, ensuring compliance with the terms established with the client, both at national and Eastern Europe level. We provide both “multiple pallet” (EPL) distribution services, as well as box, kg or other desired measurement units.

We can ensure delivery at 24/72 hours, depending on the customer’s requirements. Our distribution chain has been designed in such a way as to permanently ensure the synchronization of deliveries with the customer’s requests.

Our company provides consulting services in tracking and implementing the distribution chain, offers flexibility in the organization of distribution, constantly monitors performance indicators and closely collaborates with the client to maintain them at an optimal level.

International network

Our company is strategically positioned in logistics, geographically covering Romania and offering integrated logistics services. We carry out over 7000 transport orders monthly on the territory of Romania.

Modern vehicles

The Dumagas fleet is composed of state-of-the-art trucks with the Euro 6 pollution standard. The trucks have GPS tracking systems and real-time communication stations with the driver.

Insured cargo

We undertake by contract the liability for the right management of the goods, both during transport and during storage, Dumagas being covered by insurance policies for the goods, including 3PL.

Qualified staff

We rigorously select our drivers and subcontractors. We constantly carry out specialization courses, and our staff fully respects the rules of safety and labor protection.

24/7 security

We ensure the 24/7 security of the goods by a video surveillance system, motion sensors and 24/7 security personnel. We rigorously track shipments and service delivery.

International transport services

The transport activity is carried out throughout the EU. Our team includes competent transport managers, speakers of international languages.

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The right transport services make the difference

Together we will outline a tailored solution, adapted to your business.

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