About the partnership with Dumagas

At Dumagas we are committed to providing our clients with only high-quality services and this is reflected in used equipment and technologies, in the training of our professionals and through the diligence we prove in each contract.

Thus, it is essential that our partners share our vision in terms of improvement, quality and sustainable development and that they can align with the quality standards we offer.

Our suppliers' benefits

  • Permanent hiring of your trucks based on stable contracts/ agreements concluded for long periods
  • The financial worthiness of the Dumagas group
  • Lasting partnership
  • Access to a huge number of loads from all over Europe
  • Reducing the number of kilometers required for each transport
  • Permanent communication with your drivers through our own dispatchers (in all international traffic languages)
  • The possibility of viewing your fleet by installing monitoring systems
  • Fuel cards
  • Renault Trucks authorized service
  • Fast and secure payment of your transport invoices

How to become a supplier

In order to become a Dumagas supplier, depending on the needs and requirements of our customers, collaboration contracts/ agreements are concluded between Dumagas and the partner carrier. During the contract, the partner will be provided with the professionalism and dedication of the entire team, in order to meet the highest standards of efficiency in transport.

To become our partner, you are required to submit:

  • Valid transport license, certified copy for each owned tractor, valid CMR insurance
  • Tarpaulin trucks in good used condition, equipped with straps
  • Reliable drivers with good professional training
  • Personal protective equipment and mobile phone for each driver

Become a supplier

The first step to get in touch with us is to fill out the form below:

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